In the ten hours that the website was live, more than 600 telephone calls and thousands of online talks were recorded. The video was used to generate a campaign video which showed how men visiting prostitutes were encouraging the worldwide industry of women, so were Lahore escorts to their abuse and exploitation.

Claire Quidet, spokeswoman for Mouvement du Nid, claimed the offer directed to greatly help form public opinion as France debated criminalizing prostitution.Related image

“In the beginning we were not also excited as a frontline NGO working with victims of prostitution to talk with clients,” Quidet told the conference.

“We observe pimps and traffickers are utilizing new technologies like the internet as a tool to use girls, therefore we thought we are able to also test it to overcome the problem of prostitution.”

That depends on the country. In some places where prostitution is legitimate, there’s number taboo. A lot of guys, actually committed ones, prefer to repeated prostitutes to be able to act out all the dreams they can’t do with their wives. Guys enjoy to own sexual relations with various women, especially young girls. They are bored by making love with the exact same woman almost all their lives.

Can there be a normal client? If that’s the case, is it usually the wealthy businessman?

There’s number normal client. Every person is really a potential customer! The sole variations are economic ones. If the customer has more income, he can have a prettier or better educated woman. Actually where sexual activites occur can be a more lavish hotel.

Is the city of Brussels a great place to work as an escort? That which was it like in your place of source?

There are a lot of teenagers and foreigners in Brussels, therefore it is a great place. Girls in the windows are pretty and cheap, but at the same time frame, industry is quite strong for high-class prostitution.

Can there be always a story behind each escort’s selection to do this type of perform? Often by selection or out of requisite?

Usually, high class prostitution is really a choice. You can make a bundle functioning as a prostitute and a couple of years later spend is likely to business. You can even marry a client. That happens a lot. But with road prostitution, it’s maybe not the same. Several girls, specially from Eastern Europe, become prostitutes in order to make money to greatly help their families. A number of them were married nevertheless the guys forgotten them, usually with children. They usually drop underneath the get a grip on of the mafia.